When your journey of faith begins, you may not have all the answers you would like to have before you take your first steps of faith. For instance, my family’s love for music was instilled in me at an early age. I played piano at church and all through school. After graduation I thought all musical opportunities for me were over until later that same year Claude Hopper stepped up to my car in the little town of Madison and asked if I would be interested in playing piano in a gospel quartet he and his brothers had started. As the traffic light changed from red to green I said yes. That was a major step way back then for a country girl, not knowing where it might lead, if anywhere, but I loved music. As an eighteen year old excited about this opportunity I did not realize that God was in that first step. As I began hearing and learning those great gospel songs from the 50’s and 60’s, I was often moved to tears by their message. As I sang the song “Born To Serve The Lord” I knew that my love for the One whom we were singing about was far greater than just the music. God gave the next step. Marriage. God gave the next step. Two sons. He has given step after step over the past fifty one years of marriage and fifty four years of singing great gospel songs. I’m sure that I have missed His leading many times, making mistakes. Looking back, I know that He was always in control even when things looked hopeless. John 15:5 became part of my being years ago, when I read Jesus’ words “I am the vine and you are the branches. APART FROM ME you can do nothing”. I want to encourage you to pay careful attention to the “tugging” and “pulling” of the Holy Spirit in your heart. He is a gentleman and does not force you to obey Him. Sometimes His “tugs” may be so gentle that you almost miss them. You may not see the full picture from the onset of your journey. But that’s stepping in Faith. Claude and I could never have conceived what doors God would open for ministry or the miracles we have seen Him perform in the lives of individual as well as our own. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, whether in your daily chores, your career or ministry and He will gently give the next step.