Lead vocalist Dean Hopper is the oldest son of Claude and Connie. This talented vocalist originally served as the group’s drummer before moving to the front line in 1981. Over the years Dean had become recognized as one of the industry’s most popular vocalist and received numerous industry award nominations for Favorite Lead Vocalist. Dean received the prestigious honor of being named one of the Outstanding Young Men of America. Dean has enjoyed over two decades on the road with his family, singing and traveling across the country. In 1989 Dean released the solo recording titled “Solo But Never Alone”, which featured many fellow recording artists including The Nelons, soloist Janet Paschal and the late Kenny Hinson. Dean also serves on the board of directors for the North Carolina Gospel Music Hall Of Fame, Singing in the sun, Gatlinburg Gathering and the Great Western SG Fan Festival. In Jan.2001 Mike and Dean opened (The Farm) recording studio located only a few miles from The Hoppers office it is a full service recording-mastering-and digital editing facility. 

Dean earned his business degree from Oakland City University. He graduated in May 2003.

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